About us

Who we are and what we have to offer?

Who is Victorious Christian Living?

Victorious Christian Living started over 5 years ago when Lawrence W. Levi IV heard the call of God to not only preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also put that Gospel in the hands of people on a daily basis.  He took a leap of faith and began selling products online. Many people have been blessed by that leap of faith. We are a great one-stop shop for books, Bibles, gifts and music, for you personally, your friends and family and especially, your Church. We make it convenient to order on our website and very soon, in our stores.

What we have to offer?

We love the fact that we get to empower and equipped people to lead victorious lives through Christ Jesus, with the material that we have to offer. We want to become one of THE global distributors of Christian and family material, where all people and Ministries, go to for all their Christian and family material needs, We will always deliver tremendous service in all aspects of our business, always representing the Kingdom of God in all that we do. Lastly, a portion of every purchase will go to a feed the hungry organization.